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05 March 2008 @ 04:08 pm
Wednesday Smash and DOJO UPDATE!  
An awesome Item Encyclopedia has been added. Wait, an Item Encyclopedia? Well Nintendo is trying to eliminate one of the awesome ideas we had for our Dojo Website... Wait, a Dojo Website? Well, Jeef, 0ddj0b and myself have been workin' up ideas and decided a central website is needed to anchor our facebook group, LJ community and other chapters we have.

You can expect many creative ideas to flow out of the site. The site currently features a member listing that has individual profiles on each player; a forum for people to organize online matches, make announcements, or shoot the breeze; a multimedia gallery for images and videos of members; not to mention guides on the path to smash enlightenment.

If anyone has any ideas they should comment so we can get some input. Also in the next few days we'll be getting member names and profile information. You will be required to respond to it so we can complete the member page.

Wow this might be longest post we've had at Hayashi Dojo. **stands back and marvels**